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Ohm Boho Story

I have been like a magpie since birth, always loving and collecting all things pretty and shiny.
I have been lucky to have grown up with a family that loves to travel and the older I got the travel bug gene got stronger and stronger. I never feel happier than when I'm carrying my home on my back, my feet are dirty from walking everywhere barefoot and my freckles develop from nowhere and cover me from head to toe.
The more I travelled the more my magpie instinct and jewellery obsession grew. Picking up pieces from everywhere I stopped, increasing my collection at a rapid rate and causing my backpack to double in weight with stones, jingles and gems.
Lapis Lazuli cuff from Hampi, India. Moonstone ring from Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. Turquoise and Onyx bangle from Bangkok, Thailand. Paua Shell bracelet from Gili Trawangen, Indonesia. Brass & Coral Earrings from Hanoi, Vietnam. Brass Ganesh Necklace from The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. Tiger's Eye pendant necklace from Johannesburg, South Africa. The list goes on and on...
When coming home I could never quite find the  bohemian jewellery that I loved and wanted at a decent price, decent quality and decent variety. On top of that all my friend were constantly asking where they could buy similar stuff over here.
A passion became a dream job and Ohm Boho was born!
I continue to travel at every opportunity I get, not only fulfilling my wanderlust dream but fulfilling my jewellery passion and trying to source and hunt out new styles and gems to bring back to all my lovely Ohm Boho followers and customers.

All items are products are created and ethically sourced from small creators and family run businesses.

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